Site Reviews: What to Look For?

Grab your reader's attention by outlining a fascinating element of the website. This is about the function of the site, a bit regarding the background or what first attracted /repulsed we whenever we saw it plus why.


"As soon as I saw the mouthwatering chocolate cake image found on the Hillington's site, I felt like dashing down to the supermarket with the web recipe."

Next, create a general statement concerning the overall position of the site inside the internet community.


"Sportz is a little cost site primarily directed to those people that play tennis or go white water rafting. Since this encompasses 20% of the Geocities online community, the site matches well inside the Geocities family."


If we learn what a logo is, then we have probably seen branding millions of occasions.

When I was doing internet critiques, I found most websites miss inside brand. Branding is a te

chnique of creating meaning we can tell which company/organisation it is simply by looking briefly at the merchandise. It helps you to think of "business branding" that enables you to know McDonalds simply by viewing the certain gold "M". Over time, buyers come to know an organisation's logo plus colors. A site may have a logo, matching business colors plus actually a matching font. If a logo as well as the additional webpage colors brush, they may not be branded plus can NOT aid persons to identify with the firm. Successful websites have the logo plus site matching inside a skilful plus appealing manner (like as an orange plus navy blue logo having a white plus navy blue background).

There is one example inside that shows a site that really needs branding.

Navigation/Loading Time

To me, navigation is among the most significant element whenever doing webpage critiques. Is the site convenient or difficult to navigate?

You will discover t

his whenever we first look at the site plus see when it is an easy task to discover the buttons that allow you to move from page to page.

Are the menus or lists readable plus discover?

Does the site flow from left to right (as the English language does) or when it doesn't, is it nonetheless beneficial plus readable?

Does the site load up rapidly or perhaps not?

(Usually, slow load websites bother visitors plus could possibly be the happen of big images that have not been optimised correctly for the internet. Slow load will moreover be due to Flash or big pieces of code that have not been simplified.)

Is the webpage simple looking or complicated?

(This will increase difficulties locating the right buttons to press plus hence, difficulties navigating. Bad navigation will kill your company.)


Does the webpage resemble another webpage we have seen, or does it have its own private taste?

(Some websites will look similar

because they utilize the same advertising or design. The great websites have a special appearance that will not utilize a great deal of advertising. The excellent websites are the ones we remember with fancy. This is an significant aim to take note whenever reviewing a website).

What is the first thing we see whenever we look at the page?

(For example, a site may have a faint background along with a bright logo. This means the logo is intended to stand out plus be remembered.)

What parts of the design help/hinder the content?

(For example, too much advertising will turn a reader off before they have actually read the key bits)

Is the design suited to what the site is intended to be doing?

(For example, a site dedicated to ski wouldn't appear great inside pink)

Coding & Programming

It assists in the event you can to provide a very brief description of the nature of coding that may have been chosen to design the site (eg, HTM

L, Javascript, Flash, PHP, databases or buying carts, etc) A reference to extra technical design may provide more depth to the review (like as whether the frames displayed all of the information properly etc). However, in the event you how to start much about coding, we can constantly skip this subject.


Imagine you are a webpage reviewer, do you think that the webpage is successful/unsuccessful plus why?

Do you think that the site is directed to the right audience?

(eg, when it is intended to be for youngsters, does it resemble a children's site?)

Would we suggest the someone more to examine the site?

What might create we revisit the site?

What review might you provide the site?

A great conclusion constantly ends with a humorous comment.


"This site is really exciting, thus coated with celebrities plus glitter, that when Elvis was alive I don't question he might be writing his lyrics inside th

e forums with his fans now!"

"This site is really bad that when it were imprinted I might utilize the rear of it to create my buying list on..."



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